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Who am I ?

I'm a young fashion photographer born in 1998 based in Milan.
At eighteen I decided to escape from my Sicilian life by moving to Florence to study, work and open up to new opportunities in order to convey the sensations and ideas trapped inside me and bring them out through a camera. Photography has always found a place in my life by becoming my tool to investigate, recognize and discover trends in the world we live in, challenging the conventional and the ordinary, to the point of pushing myself to the boundaries to create a world in which the mind it is free and where everything is possible. I began to photograph as a self-taught, both in analogue and digital, and after the three-year degree in Photography at the LABA in Florence and the postgraduate course in Fashion Photography at the IED in Milan, I continued my professional career, discovering the world of fashion through collaborations and works with companies, agencies, Freelance Designer / Stylist and Influencers looking for a continuous relationship between social networks and photography. At the age of twenty-three, I know where I want to go and I know who I want to become.